Fullness in Truth


Deanery Ghazipur
Patron Saint St. Alphonsa
Year of Establishment 2006
Parish Priest Fr. Anthony Muthu
Asst. Parish Priest
Priests of the Parish
No. of Catholics 87
Address St. Alphonsa Church Gagaran, Nagsar P.O. Ghazipur Dt. - 233 001 9450400507
Religious Srs 06
About While Fr. Atul Muriankary was an Assistant Priest at Hartmannpur in 1962 he came across a newspaper item giving some information on a few Brahmin Convert Christians (CNI) at Gagaran. He went for a missionary journey to Gagaran Village. He met a few families, and recruited a few boys for Hartmannpur Hostel. In the following year, Fr. Atul was appointed Parish Priest of Ghazipur. His enthusiasm brought him to visit the village on a regular basis. A few families joined the Catholic Church. Thus, the Catholic Church was planted at Gagaran in the year 1963. In 1968, Fr. Atul successfully negotiated with the people for a gift of 2 Biswa of land for the construction of a Chapel. In the early 70's, Brother Claude, OFM. Cap., who was stationed at Mariabad Mission, constructed a Chapel for the people. In 90's, a girl joined SRA Congregation, Sr. Roshni Tiwari, and thus we have a professed religious from this Parish. In the year 1988 when Zamania Mission was started, Gagaran was transferred to Zamania Mission. ln 2002, when Fr. Ivan was appointed Parish Priest of Ghazipur, a few people from Gagaran invited him to visit the village. Thus, with regular visits and holy masses at Gagaran, it became, de facto, under the jurisdiction of Ghazipur. In 2003, a new Chapel, with a room for the visiting Priest, was constructed as the existing one was in a dilapidated condition. In 2005, four bighas of land was purchased on the main road. In 2006, Fr. Aloysius Lewis was appointed as the first Priest incharge of Gagaran. Sisters of Sacred Heart of Jesus have joined the ministry at Gagaran on September 7, 2011.