Fullness in Truth


Deanery Varanasi
Patron Saint St. John the Baptist
Year of Establishment 1963
Parish Priest Fr. Susai Raj
Asst. Parish Priest Fr. Kasper Manimaran
Priests of the Parish
No. of Catholics 536
Address St. John The Baptist Church D.L.W. Varanasi, U.P. 221 005 0542-2270792
Religious Srs 09
About In 1963, at the request of the administration of Diesel Locomotive Works a higher secondary school was started. The priest principal also served the spiritual needs of the Catholics of the Railway Colony. St. John's School is one of the oldest and most prestigious schools in the city. It is on the lease land of the diesel locomotive works in Varanasi. The school has a spacious playground and an auditorium built in the process of its development. The school serves not only the children of railway colony but also children from other areas. The Sisters of the Queens of the Apostles opened a house to help out in the school right from the beginning. In 2005 Sisters of Providence GAP have opened a convent within the campus of St. John's, DLW. Both congregations SRA and GAP sisters do the ministry of teaching in the school and pastoral ministry in the parish. In 2013-14 the residential area of priests and sisters was renovated. Lately on August 15, 2014 the newly renovated church was blessed by the Administrator, Diocese of Varanasi. INSTITUTIONS 1. St. John's Convent (SRA) - Superior : Sr. Lima, SRA 2. Sisters of Providence of GAP - Superior : Sr. Vardhani, SPG 3. St. John's School - Principal : Fr. Susai Raj