Fullness in Truth


Deanery Ghazipur
Patron Saint St. Joseph
Year of Establishment 1984
Parish Priest Fr. Abhishek, IMS
Asst. Parish Priest
Priests of the Parish
No. of Catholics 15
Address St. Joseph’s Church Prerana Sadan, Shanti Nagar Ekkvaspatti, Bhitri P.O. Ghazipur, U.P. 233304 05495-214026
Religious Brs. 01; Srs 05
About From September 1981, Br. Viswas, IMS while staying in Nandganj has been visiting Saidpur with the intension of starting a mission there. By June 1982 he shifted to a rented house in Saidpur and intensified his apostolic activities. By July 1984, Br. Vivekanand, IMS joined him and together they worked there until July 1989. Then Br. Viswas was transferred and Fr. Abhishiktanand was appointed in his place. In 1990 a plot of land was purchased in Bhitri about 8 kilometers from Saidpur. Then Fr. Abhishiktanand and Br. Vivekanand shifted from Saidpur to Bhitri and started to reside there and built priest house, convent and school. Br. Rajesh replaced the team. Later Fr. Alex was appointed for two years. After him Frs. Devanand, Kuldeep, Dharmendra succeeded. Fr. Naveen and Br. Vinay Prakash were doing the work of evangelization and social animation very effectively. Holy Cross sisters joined the station in teaching in the school and doing catechetical, social and health work.